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Caring, Warm, & Personal. The mission: To build a website that expresses hope. Clarity is doing something amazing – saving lives! We wanted their site visitors to feel like they are in the right place while in a difficult time of their lives and needing help. Our mission was to make Clarity’s website convey warmth, safety, and security.

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Project goals:

Design and develop a website that displays caring and trust and leaves visitors feeling safe and secure.

Project features:

Extensive research + strategy.
Custom design and layout.
Landing pages for PPC ads.
A/B testing.

A design that tells a story of trust & care

After our research and wireframes were completed, it was time for the design. For this project, because it is just so important what they are doing, we had to make sure we got the message right. And this took quite a few designs with testing until we got it down just right.

The challenge for this design was finding the right balance between the clinical side that displayed the high-trained professionals that make up Clarity, and the warm and caring side that represented the holistic approach they take with their clients. 

For this design, we made revisions until we found the right balance. And it was worth it as within their first few months, Clarity’s facility was filling up and they began immediately doing what they do – saving lives! 

Clarity Thailand Design

Starting the project: Research + Strategy

Before starting a design, we always start with the research first. This is where we discover the pain points, problems that need to be solved, and overall project goals.

After researching Clarity’s market and competition and getting an in-depth vision of their company and direction, we started with a wireframe. Think of this as the blueprint that lays the foundation to their website.

Landing pages for PPC campaigns

After Clarity’s website went live, we began immediately with their marketing campaign by designing and developing a stand alone landing page for their AdWords. On the first campaign the conversion rates were incredibly high at over 7%.

Clarity Thailand Design

A/B Testing: Collecting real-time data

Even with a high conversion rate out the box, we know there are always more ways to improve and boost conversions along with ROI. 

When opimizing conversions and managing our client’s websites, we connect them to Analytics and use heat maps where we can collect real data. This data helps us identify the behaviors of their users so we can improve user experience and overall conversions. 

And their marketing continues

We work closely with marketing teams and this collaboration is all geared towards one goal – growing Clarity’s business. It is an ongoing process and we are very grateful to be part of such an amazing organization. Clarity is a team of truly awesome people that really care about what they do and who they help. Their care and passion is genuine and the best part of our job is being able to partner with businesses such as theirs.

Clarity Thailand Design