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Project goals:

To redesign and build a new and fresh website for a non-profit organization.

Project features:

Custom design
Custom WordPress development

About Freeset & the project

“Freeset exists for the many women who have never had the choice to be free.”

One of the most amazing projects I have been a part of! To be able to build a website for an organization that is literally rescuing women that are being sex trafficked. I am very grateful to be part of such a project and work with such incredible people. One of my closest friends today is someone I met and worked with on Freeset.

This project open my eyes and showed me that we can do more as web designers and developers and can give back and help others by helping the organizations that are making a difference. Ever since this project, we now take at least 2 non-profit projects per years as our commitment to give back. 

Freeset Global Web Design

Are you part of a non-profit organziation and can use help with your website and online presence?