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Custom Design / Business + Corporate Website / WordPress Development

Clean, Modern, & Professional. The mission: To design a modern website built for an Australian law firm and to still have new styles and fluidity. Clean and with a good flow.

GW Legal Cover

Project goals:

Design and develop and clean and modern corporate style website with fluidity and transitions for smoothness.

Project features:

Redesign from an older site. Lightweight theme and code. Animations while scrolling.

Starting the project: Research + Strategy

Before starting a design, we always start with the research first. This is where we discover the pain points, problems that need to be solved, and overall project goals. GW Legal already had a website but it wasn’t quite the professional website that would be right for them.

After researching their market and competition and getting an in-depth vision of their company and direction, we started with a wireframe. Think of this as the blueprint that lays the foundation to their website.

GW Legal Wireframe

Designing a brand identity stylescape

We started with the company colors – a dark red and dark grey. From there, we wanted to make a color palette to liven and modernize their colors and still keep it a corporate feel. 

We chose the font pairings carefully. We used a clean sans serif for the ease of reading since legal firms websites are content rich. One thing we noticed is how so many outdated legal firm websites use older fonts making it tiring on the eyes to read. We wanted a good reading experience for GW. And then we chose a serif font for highlights to give that corporate feel.


Custom corporate design

Once the wireframe and brand identity was complete, it was time to have fun with the design! We used a corporate layout as seen on other legal firm website but we added a few things extra like box shadows to give depth and hover effects to keep up with the current design trends.

GW Mockup
GW Service Mockup

Project wrap-up

We acheived our goal of delivering a new and modern corporate designed website. GW Legal now has a fully professional website that is built for growth. Already we have seen their website since launch start to evolve and the client has full control over their content which is great because who else can write better about the law then a lawyer at GW Legal!