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YoGangstar - Yoga Mats

E-commerce / Shopify / Custom design & development

It’s yoga with a gangsta twist. 

YoGangstar Yoga Mats

Project goals:

To redesign and already well performing e-commerce website to perform even better.

Project features:

CRO (conversion rate optimizations)
Custom design
Custom Shopify development

About Yogangstar

The mission of Yogangstar is to provide the best quality, natural and inspired yoga products and designs. Yogangstar is a journey to the true self, a place of peace, health and eternal inner child.

YoGangstar Mockup

About the project

We originally built the first YoGangstar website. I knew from the first meeting this was going to be a fun project. Yoga mats with a hip-hop gangsta twist.

After the first website was launched sales started right away with successful Google AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns. Right out the gate the first web version was averaging a 1.5% – 1.8% conversion rate. 

The Redesign

YoGangster grew and expanded their product line and it was time for a redesign. But first we needed real actual data. With the help of heat mapping, Google Analytics, and research + case studies, we identified a few key areas that would be a game-changer in the brand.

First, we softened the design. We found the first design was too masculine so we made the feel more neutral to better appeal to their demographics. One other change that boosted sales was moving the products on the homepage, straight to the top of the page. So viewers gets a chance to see their awesome designs right away. Their conversion rates grew from 1.5% up to 4.2%!

Yogangstar Product