Your Website & Your Car

Your Website & Your Car

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A Website & A Car – How to know when it’s time to upgrade your website.

Have you ever had an old car? A model about 10 plus years. The paint has faded. Mechanic visits become more frequent. Starting to get funny noises here and there like something is struggling under the hood. But you don’t want to take it in because that’s another big mechanic bill and you’ve already spent too much this month on the old gas guzzler.

Or have you been on the flip side of the coin with your nice new car? It’s slick, aerodynamic, and every time you get inside it just feels good. It drives good. All the latest features and technology are there, Bluetooth, rear camera, sensors, and yah… and it’s way safer. Gas mileage is far better and trusts me, people would rather be looking at a newer, cleaner car than some old Craig’s List bucket.

So why should your website be treated differently

See, every year, cars improve and the same goes for websites. There are testing and studies involved to constantly increase performance, aesthetics, and even psychological studies on how to improve conversions and user experience. And yeah, now I’m talking about websites! The old websites were built just to run, kind of just like the first cars.

Since the dawn of the .coms invention, websites have been improving every year, but it was a slow start. It wasn’t until these last 5 years or so that the real improvements that count started to take place. We’re talking the good stuff and right time for upgrading your website. The improvements that increase sales, conversions, and brand loyalty. We’re talking about user experience and interface and design that helps a business grow! The aerodynamics of your web page. See we as humans see and act subconsciously and it took years of studies and testing to see how we register content on a website.


Well, ask yourself and your company these questions

  • Have we recently, in the last year at least, had a specialist improve conversions and marketing on our site?
  • Is our site performing better or on par with the top competitors in our market?
  • Has our website been optimized for mobile within the last 2 years?
  • Is our site over 5 years old?
  • Has anyone ever done anything to improve our site?

I can’t stress this enough when talking with clients hesitant on updating their old website. As long as their old website is representing their business, they are leaving money on the table bottom line! They are cutting their sales, their profits, and their company’s growth. And don’t even know it yet. It’s hard to see this at first because it’s hard to see the numbers on how much more they should be earning with a newer, more modern and high performing website. But get those numbers. Sales and conversions with the old site vs. the new and clients see they have been losing out on a high percentage of profits.

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